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Helping your child to succeed

The Key to Success

Everyone deserves the very best chance in life and providing your child with additional opportunities to learn, reinforce and extend understanding is key to developing confidence and the motivation to succeed. 

I am an independent private tutor in the South Manchester area, teaching children aged 5-11. I pride myself on being able to assess quickly, determine next steps and deliver my lessons in a creative manner adapted carefully to the needs of each of the children I teach. My primary goal is always for your child to enjoy our sessions and feel a sense of achievement. If this can occur then learning and confidence building will follow. 

Please do not hesitate to get in touch to discuss my availability and what I can do to help your child. 

Rebecca Kettle

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ktl Home Tutoring Ltd is a private limited company.

Registered Address: 46 Hamilton Square, Birkenhead, CH31 5AR.

Company number: 11627375 

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